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Laryngoscopy, Bronchoscopy or Oesophagoscopy

A laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy or oesophagoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed in the operating room. The doctor uses different telescopes to examinevarious parts of your throat. It is performed when an examination of the back of the throat doesn’t provide your doctor with enough information about your problem. A biopsy of any suspicious area will be taken during the procedure. This is done with a special surgical instrument.

NO cutting is involved. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

What to expect after the operation

  1. If your general health is good you can go home later the same day.
  2. Your throat will be mildly sore. This will settle.
  3. If you have no teeth your gums may become bruised for a few days.

Potential Problems

  1. The telescopes are rigid steel tubes. It is possible to scratch or chip teeth, especially if they are already weak. A tooth guard will be used to protect the teeth. It is better if you can get a tooth guard made by your dentist or sports guard maker.
  2. Lacerations of the throat are possible, especially if large biopsies are required. Usually no treatment is required.

Call your doctor

  1. If your temperature is greater than 38.
  2. If you have severe pain.
  3. If you have trouble swallowing.
  4. If you are coughing up large amounts of blood.

What to do after discharge

  1. Rest for 24 hours as your muscles will ache due to the anaesthetic agents.
  2. Make an appointment to see Mr Grey 2 weeks after the operation. Any reports will be available. This consultation is free of charge.
  3. Eat soft foods for 24 hours, then normal diet.
  4. If the larynx (voice box) is biopsied you will be advised NOT to talk (i.e. vocal rest) for several days.

If you have any concerns after discharge, please call our rooms on 9388 7474.


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