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Sinus Surgery and Polypectomies

These are procedures to clear the drainage holes into the sinuses and / or remove polyps from the sinuses. Nasal polyps are benign grape-like growths related to allergies.

The operation is usually performed from inside the nose, although in special circumstances it will be performed via an incision between the nose and the eye, or below the upper lip. Mr Grey will discuss these special cases with you if they are necessary.

Endoscopes (Telescopes) will be used to see inside the sinuses during the procedure.

What to expect after the operation

  1. The nose may be packed to control bleeding. This is usually dissolvable so will not need to be removed.
  2. There is much mucoidor blood stained discharge from the nose during the first week. This generally settles during the second week or so.
  3. It may take 6-8 weeks for the sinuses to clear completely. You will be given antibiotics for 1-2 weeks. Pain is rarely a major problem, but your nose will be blocked and stuffy for several weeks.

Potential problems

  1. Bleeding - There is often minor bleeding or blood stained mucous during the first the first week. Very occasionally the nose may need repacking. Rest will reduce risk of bleeding.
  2. Infection – Infection can occur post-operatively especially if a cold is caught.
  3. Intra orbital bleeding - Very rarely, bleeding can occur into the eye socket during or immediately after surgery. If this occurs then the eye socket may need to be drained to prevent possible long-term visual problems.
  4. CSF leak - Occasionally the fluid from around the brain leaks into the sinuses post-operatively. This usually settles spontaneously –on rare occasions a second procedure is needed to seal the leak.
  5. Anosmia - Many patients requiring sinus or poly surgery have a disturbed sense of smell. This is sometimes improved by surgery. Very extensive sinus surgery can decrease the sense of smell temporarily or permanently.
  6. Recurrence of symptoms may occur if all of the sinuses have not been cleared or if you have had polyps or allergies.

DO NOT take Asprin (or Nurofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for 1 week pre operatively and 1 week post-operatively.

*See discharge advice after nasal and sinus surgery

If you have any concerns after discharge,please call our rooms on 3988 7474.


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