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This is an operation to remove the adenoid because of recurrent infection or for obstruction of the airways. The adenoid is situated at the back of the nose.

The operation is performed in a hospital, although a day surgery facility is usually suitable. Most patients are well enough to go home 4 hours after the operation. The requirements to go home are:

  1. The patient is awake and alert.
  2. The patient is not in significant pain after treatment with oral analgesics.
  3. There is no evidence of bleeding.
  4. All of the nurse’s observations are satisfactory.
  5. The patient lives within the metropolitan area.
  6. Mum and dad feel comfortable with looking after the patient and will be able to stay home all night.

Post-operative instructions:

  1. Your child will have a mildly sore throat for 7-10 days. This pain is unlikely to be a major problem. It is wise to have pain medications at home. The medications listed below can be obtained fromyour chemist without prescriptions. DO NOT TAKE ASPRIN OR DISPRIN.
    • Panadol liquid for mild pain
    • Painstop Day for stronger pain
    • Oxynorm may be prescribed for stronger pain
  2. Your child may develop an earache which is pain referred from the adenoid region.
  3. Your child will develop halitosis (bad breath). This will clear in 7-10 days. Eating and chewing will help.
  4. Some children develop nasal speech immediately after the surgery. This is especially so if they had large adenoids. It may take 2-3 weeks for this to settle.
  5. Bleeding post-operatively is the most common complication. Most patients will have some bleeding which will be minor. Approximately 5% of patients will have some bleeding when the scabs fall off after 5-10 days following the operation. However,1% of patients have significant bleeding and will require treatment. Occasionally there is a need to take the patient back to theatre to stop the bleeding.


  6. Occasionally some children will not eat or drink enough and dehydrate themselves. They may need re-admission for re-hydration.

If you have any concerns after discharge, please call our rooms on 9388 7474.



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